Robot officiants or perhaps “morning after” photo sessions?

Talk about taking it to the extreme! Many couples will do anything to have the perfect wedding day. Here’s what came our way when we started to look for wedding trends this season…with a twist!

Rain, Rain, Go Away! How far are you willing to go to avoid precipitation on your wedding day? A United Kingdom company now offers a solution. At a heavy price of $150, 000 you can keep rain away on your big day.

Global Venue: Looking for a unique venue? Here is your inspiration. American couple, Cheetah Platt 30, and Rhiann Woodyard 32, travelled to 11 countries to exchange their wedding vows in 38 ceremonies, in 83 days!

Langur Security: We have heard of couples hiring security to keep wedding crashers at bay. But, if you think that was extreme then we’ve got news for you! Brides in India have resorted to hire langurs for their outdoor weddings to keep monkeys from ruining their weddings. Officials say despite animal control’s effort to drop monkeys off in the forest, the search for food brings them back to the city.

Robot Officiants: No officiant, no problem! Now you can scratch another task off your to-do list. Yes, a Japanese company has invented a robot officiant. We couldn’t make it up, even if we tried!

Morning after Photo Sessions: Yup, couples are inviting photographers into their bedrooms the morning after the wedding, to document a series of intimate moments starting from tangled sheets, shower scenes, to downright adorable moments of cake sharing, first breakfast as a married couple, and such.

Plastic surgery: Get ready for the engagement ring selfie! This not only calls for perfect groomed and manicured nails. But, many brides are increasingly aiming for the perfect hands. Hand lifts are not a new aesthetic advancement, but the popularity has increased in recent years with the rise of social media.

Boudoir Books: Wedding gifts are taking a new direction with boudoir books from the bride to her beloved. A boudoir photo session is an increasing trend. The photographs are taken either partly clothed or in lingerie. Naughty, naughty!

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❤  The National Bridal Show Team