Ditch the Stress by Following These 3 Easy Steps

As seen in this stunning Toronto Fall Wedding at Old Mill, ON

If you can get through planning a wedding without breaking down, then the chances are you will get through anything life throws at you as a couple.  Wedding planning and trying to please family members can crumble the strongest of characters. Frances and Rob planned their Toronto fall wedding and left no stone unturned.  This resulted in the most relaxed couple I have ever seen.  The beauty of following these three easy steps is that a stress-free environment on the day guarantees everyone’s relaxed. The vendors can then maximize on their creativity rather than worrying about calming the couple’s nerves.

Wedding planning venue Old Mill Toronto

Create a colour palette

It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised how many people assume it’s their vendors responsibility to match their colour.  By creating a colour palette, you are in charge of a designated colour scheme and can choose complementary tones.  By having a specific colour guide, there will be no discrepancy and you can link various shades throughout the wedding.  Wedding attire, flowers, accessories, favours and finishing touches at the reception result in a well executed and thought out event.

creating a colour palette wedding


Your behaviour and stress management will play a major factor in your big day.  If you are bridezilla in the run up or running around like a headless chicken on the day, it’s going to impact the experience for all involved. A relaxed wedding couple will result in a relaxed wedding party who will be easier to delegate to.  Create a timeline of what needs to be done and when, and designate roles to those you trust most.

Toronto Fall Wedding at Old Mill, ON


It can be tempting to want to invite everyone under the sun but limit your guest list to those who you are closest to.  This is your day and everyone in attendance should be able to stand up and tell a story about your relationship.  Surround yourself with those who have a vetted interest in seeing you get married and being there for you emotionally. A close-knit guestlist will result in heartfelt, genuine speeches that people will want to listen to.

bridesmaids wedding toronto old mill

We began our day photographing Rob getting ready at their house with his best man.  They had the ultimate man cave, so I utilized the pool table in some of the shots as they kept the mood light-hearted. Meanwhile, Frances was getting ready at her parent’s family home, so I dashed over to capture her preparations. The light radiating through a gorgeous oversized window allowed me to capture the intricate details of her dress and accessories. The flower girl was adorable, and you could see the excitement on her face watching her getting ready. I wanted to capture the size of the diamond ring in the flower girl’s hands as she was handling it like a precious treasure. The detailing in the lace against the sparkle of the diamond made for a stunning yet simple composition.

diamond ring in the flower girl’s hands

It was easy to see how well prepared they had been and how effortlessly the day ran due to diligent planning. There was such a relaxed vibe, and the Old Mill executed the event flawlessly. The colours of the wedding party and their floral arrangements worked in complete harmony.

wedding party and their floral arrangements

When it comes to photographing the ceremony and reception, I always prefer to shoot in a journalistic nature.  This allows me to document the day as it happens, and reflect the emotions and energy behind it.  The integration of the children and their reactions made for such honest photography and a realistic snapshot of their event.

In an age where couples can be blindsided by the need to have a large number of guests in attendance, this couple had only invited those who were important in their life. The connections were obvious, and the love between the guests and couple was touching to witness.

photographing the ceremony and reception

Once the festivities were underway at the Old Mill reception, I took the opportunity to capture details of Frances’s planning. The part when Rob removed Frances’s garter was priceless as I caught Rob’s son with his jaw agog!

After the first dance and speeches, I managed to sneak my couple out to do my signature night portraits.  Having previously shot at the Old Mill, I had discovered a really special spot that makes for a dramatic backdrop. The cobbled flooring and street style lighting are reminiscent of a Parisian side street.  I had Frances and Rob reflect on the gravity of their wedding and captured their connection.

Frances and Rob Fall wedding Old Mill

As they rejoined their friends and family, I got a statement shot of the two of them from behind. You see the matching red on the soles of their shoes and the textures of her sparkles and lace dress.  This shot sums up just how well put together their Toronto fall wedding was.  Every last detail was thought out and eloquently executed, allowing them to sit back and enjoy their day surrounded with those they love

Photo by: © DA Photography by Dragi Andovski 

Originally publish © 2018 at DA Photography Blog

2nd Photographer and Lighting Assistant: Jacquie Dudley

Cinematography by: SDE Weddings

Wedding Reception & Ceremony and Photo Location: Old Mill, Toronto