Sexy & Alluring Full Lips

by Maria Petrov (Vaughan, Ontario, June 2017)

There is something inherently sexy and alluring about full, luscious lips. Unfortunately for me, I was born and existed a good 31 years without this coveted aspect of sexiness. Partly, because I was afraid of the pain I imagined injections would cause, but mostly, because I was terrified of looking like a blow-up doll.

However, as with most things in life, the opportunity to rock plump lips came knocking without me asking. One sunny afternoon, following a rejuvenating HydraFacial MD, I casually inquired as to what else could be done to make me even more stunning,  (my oldest son was sure to make a comment and promptly retreated back into his iPad). Dinara, the founder of the Philosophy of Beauty, nonchalantly ignored his critiques and suggested I try dermal fillers in order to fill in my lips “just a tiny bit”.

“Hell, no!” was my initial reaction as  needles, blow-up dolls and pain rushed to my mind. However, once again, as with most things in life, opinions change. Just a hint of gentle persuasion and I found myself eager and excited about the possibility of instant sexy lips..

Before the procedure, Dinara prepared the sterile vials of Hyaluronic Acid (a substance that naturally exists in the human body) and noticing my trembling extremities, attached the smallest possible needles. I was still not convinced, but the possibility of adding instant plump to my lips prevented me from darting out the door. In preparation for the injections, my lips were numbed with a topical anesthetic. As soon as it started working I felt my lips go slack, like I was at the dentist – drooling and pretty much numb to anything in the general mouth area. So I braced myself for the worst. My mind conjured images of epidurals and blood donations, and needles. Huge needles.

Then came a pinch. A tiny little prick. And then another. And another. And in less than ten minutes it was done. Just like that. A few pricks that were hardly more painful than mosquito bites. I think I may have tried to kiss Dinara at that point, although I am sure she will deny it.

The result was more than I bargained for. Natural and subtle, but it made me feel instantly sexy. I think my first question was if I can eat, drink and have sex (in case you are wondering, the answer is a reassuring yes to all).

Here are the results:

If you are close to Vaughan, Ontario and you have always wanted fuller, sexier lips without looking overdone, I strongly urge you to give dermal fillers a try. I promise that you will in no way resemble a blow-up doll.

Contact Dinara at Philosophy of Beauty today for your FREE consultation. I know I am glad I did!