Is your Summer wedding around the corner?  Here are four great ways to keep with the seasonal theme on your big day.

Wine Smoothies

Everyone wants something cool and refreshing while celebrating a summer wedding, whether it be indoors or outside.  Consider adding a new twist to your bar menu with wine smoothies.  You can choose to offer two flavours, one that represents each of your favourite flavours or stick to a single signature smoothie.  The great thing with this drink is that it can easily lend itself to a virgin option as well.

Favours that are Eco-Friendly

Everyone loves a nice thank you after celebrating a wedding, but couples are constantly struggling with the question of what to get.  Consider going eco-friendly with your favour.  Mason jars and recyclable glass jars are very popular right now and are a perfect way to share a thank you while reducing waste.  Add in your favourite plant, seedling or herbs and give your guests something that they can take with them and enjoy much after the wedding is over.

Natural Centerpieces

With the summer season almost here, everything seems to be in bloom-so take advantage of it!  Flowers and fresh fruit can add just the right scents and colours to your room.  Your florists will be able to give you a good indication of what is available in your set budget, the exact time of year, quantity and colour.  Also, consider working with a food specialist who can carve out centrepieces made of fruit for a fun and edible experience for your guests.

More than Wedding Cake

Everyone loves wedding cake but there’s so much more fun to be had in the summer!  Consider a slushy bar during the wedding ceremony to keep your guests cool during what can be a very long ceremony.  You can also add a fun ice cream bar to your reception or call in an actual ice cream truck to come by much later in the night.  Guests can choose their favourites or customize depending on which company you decide to go with.

This article was originally posted on SUHAAG.